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27. Mai 2013

PlayFramework 2.1 use Global in the complete application

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While building the new Resigame game server I noticed, that I need a persistent Class for the complete lifetime of my application for storing tasks and other useful things like cached objects (e.g. socket connection to internal communication backend).

So I used the „Global“ class for this purpose. The only steps I had to do was adding the to a package (otherwise you can’t import it).
Afterwards I added a reference to the application.conf:

Now the Global object is accessible in all parts of my application. For example I added a static property called tasks for an object of my TaskScheduler, which is instantiated on application startup.

public class Global extends GlobalSettings {
    public static TaskScheduler tasks;
    public void onStart(Application app) {
        // start task scheduler
        Global.tasks = new TaskScheduler();
        Global.tasks.add(new UserSessionEndExpired());

this TaskScheduler is now controllable by my REST API:

public static Result stop(Integer taskId) {
    JsonResult result = new JsonResult();
        result.status = 200;
        result.status = 400;
    return result.send();

11. Mai 2012

Er kannte es nicht

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Wie kann man das Video bitte nicht kennen?!